Manny Moreira

Manny Moreira

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5/18 SOMETHING ROTTEN at the Kravis Center West Palm Beach, FL

Manny Moreira SR

On stage in between shows while at the Kravis Center in West Palm Beach doing my first gig as a local in FL for the national tour of, SOMETHING ROTTEN.

Manny Moreira SR pit

In the pit with Canadian wunderkind, Cameron Rasmussen for SOMETHING ROTTEN. Happy to have worked with some GREAT local musicians including bassist Jeff Carswell, in the background of this shot.

4/18 MAMMA MIA at the Riverside Theatre in Vero Beach, FL

Manny Moreira MM Vero Beach

A happy reunion in Vero Beach FL at the Riverside Theatre for a run of Mamma Mia with dear friends, music directors Anne Shuttelsworth and Ken Clifton

Manny Moreira with Anne Brummel

Such a pleasure to work with singer/actress extraordinaire, Anne Brummel. She played the lead in Mamma Mia. What a talent!

3/18 IN THE HEIGHTS at the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts in Washington DC

Manny Moreira In The Heights Manny Moreira In The Heightts

It was great revisiting the music from IN THE HEIGHTS at the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts in Washington DC back in March. It's one of my favorite Places to play and I got to do it with some of my favorite people/colleagues including director/choreographer Stephanie Klemons and music director Zach Dietz. The entire run was SOLD OUT!

Manny Moreira nap

It was pretty intense putting a show like this up in just a few days. Steph and I caught a couple winks in between numbers at tech (notice she's still holding the God mic lol)

Zac Chicago Shot

Stephanie took this pic of Zach. She called it a "Chicago" shot

Manny Moreira SR

It was a very happy surprise reunion when Stephanie and I ran into each other 8 o'clock in the morning at the front desk of the infamous (and super cool) Watergate Hotel in DC!

Manny Moreira InTheHts

Surrounded by the IN THE HEIGHTS guitar line up: '68 Tele, Taylor 812C, Takamine cedar top nylon and a Cuban trés


New Deco Orchestra recorded Christmas in New York

It was thrill to finally take this group of stellar musicians into the studio and record original content. The primary session was my original composition CHRISTMAS IN NEW YORK ©1999

As long as we had the studio I thought we should get in another tune if we had time. Since we did a holiday sing and the session was booked for the week of October 16th, I thought we should record something for Halloween! So, on Friday the 13th I started writing an arrangement of the old chestnut, SPOOKY. Here's a little trailer we did and the track. Enjoy!

New Deco Orchestra recorded Christmas in New York

Love this pic of the incredible singers who rocked the backgrounds! Vocal contractor and vocal co-producer Diane Garsito, Biti Straunch, Marlon Saunders and Keith Anthony Fluitt.

6/17 Club Groove in Greenwich Village, NYC

Manny Moreira Club Groove

In June of 2017, Julie Eigenberg and I closed a year and a half long run of a Bossa Nova and Jazz gig at Club Groove in Greenwich Village, NYC. Thank you Julie for the wonderful opportunity to play such beautiful music for appreciative, international audiences! It was a GROOVE! If you're in NYC don't miss Julie if you get a chance to hear this truly special talent and wonderfully inspired singer!